WEC 48 Set To Break Attendance Record And Hand Out Big Bonus Cheques

In his latest video blog for WEC 48 Dana White revealed that the expected attendance for tonight’s event in the ARCO arena in Sacremento, California is in the region of 14 -15,000.

If that proves to be the case then it will smash the WEC’s current record of 13,027 for Faber Vs Brown 2, which was also held in the ARCO arena at WEC 41.

Sacremento is the hometown of Urijah Faber which has ensured that it’s always been a happy hunting ground for the promotion but it’s clear that the additional hype surrounding their first pay-per-view event, and the fact that Faber is once again looking to get his hands on the featherweight title against the toughest opponent of his career has captured fans imagination.

Also on his video blog White spoke to the fighters on the card and announced that the winners of the ‘Fight Of The Night’, ‘Knockout Of The Night’, and ‘Submission Of The Night’ awards would each walk away with an additional $65,000 in bonus money.

The news was met with infectious enthusiasm from the fighters, who are used to receiving much lower sums of money than their UFC counter-parts.  For example, at last months WEC 47 event $10,000 was on the line for the same awards.

It was a heart-warming moment that served as a reminder as why everyone should hope that tonight’s event is a success – so that the fighters, many of whom struggle to make a living on their current earnings, have a chance to make a decent living from the sport that they have dedicated their lives to.


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