WEC 52: Faber Vs Mizugaki has proven to be a successful event ratings wise, with an average of 570,000 viewers tuning in to watch the evening’s action on Versus.

That makes it the second most watched WEC event of the year on the network, and only the 3rd time in the past 18 months that they’ve broken past the 500,000 barrier.  Good news all round, and particularly impressive given that they managed to do it on a Thursday night with relatively little hype.

The presence of the promotion’s biggest draw, Urijah Faber, who had a successful bantamweight debut on the night, will certainly have had a positive effect on the ratings, but it could also be that the fact the WEC is about to merge with the UFC may also have tweaked people’s interest.

There’s now just one event left before the promotion’s run comes to an end, and they are aiming to go out in style with both the bantamweight (Cruz Vs Jorgensen) and lightweight (Henderson Vs Pettis) titles on the line.

In 2011 the Versus network will obviously lose out on all the WEC programming it’s been accustomed to showing in recent years, but they have struck a new deal that means they’ll broadcast four UFC events live during the course of the year.