WEC Fighters Pay Tribute To Jens Pulver

Jens Pulver may have notched up another loss on his record last night, but it’s clear that whether he wins or loses, he is one of the few fighters who will always have a special place in MMA fans hearts.

Before, during and after the fight he was cheered by the fans, and in the post-fight press conference a number of the fighters on the card and WEC general manager Reed Harris all paid heart-felt tribute to one of the pioneers of the sport, before the press in attendance joined in a round of applause.

Pulver himself fought back tears as he tried to explain the rollercoaster of emotions he was feeling in the aftermath of what will likely be his last ever fight.

“I love this sport, and it’s tough man, it’s hard to go out like this, you know?”

Grab a box of tissues and watch the fighters paying tribute to Jens in the video below, courtesy of Fighters Only Magazine.


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