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What’s Troubling Tito Ortiz?

A series of cryptic messages on Tito Ortiz’s Twitter account hint that all is not well with the light-heavyweight fighter.

The messages began on Thursday, and have continued into the weekend, though the 33 year old has yet to state exactly what it is that is troubling him.

Feb 25th: “If things couldn’t get worse. They just did! Fuck!!!! I want to thank all my fans for your support!”

Feb 25th: “Jenna and I are fine. I guess business is business”

Feb 25th: “Everybody will see it all!”

Feb 27th: “Thanks for all the support. Thinking that life couldn’t get any harder? It just did! Another challenge that god has given me! WOW..”

Feb 27th:  “Many things that challenge us in lives will make us stronger.One thing I can say is don’t ever quit.Im strong because of my family and fan!!”

Ortiz is currently finishing up coaching on the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter, which will begin airing on Spike TV on March 31st.

After the season has concluded, Ortiz will fight the other coach on the show – Chuck Liddell. That bout is believed to be earmarked for UFC 115 in June, though nothing has been confirmed at this stage.

Whether the ‘challenge’ that Ortiz refers to in his recent posts is related to the show, a potential injury, his latest attempt at self promotion, or something else entirely is not clear at this time.

Answers on a postcard please!

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