One of the biggest questions remaining after yesterday’s dramatic events in Las Vegas is what happens to BJ Penn know that his expected UFC 136 opponent Carlos Condit has been moved up to fight GSP for the title at UFC 137.

At first the assumptiong from many, including this author, was that Penn would now be lined up for a rematch with Jon Fitch, a fight that had originally been planned to go down earlier in the year before Fitch pulled out injured.

Fitch himself had been campaigning long and hard for this bout, and as yesterday’s news broke he got right back to it.

“My twitter has blown up. Lots of people asking if I’ve been offered a fight yet. I haven’t. But I am more than willing to fight bj or Diaz,” Fitch wrote.

However that statement appears to have fallen on deaf ears as White is ready to snub Fitch once again.

“No, Fitch wouldn’t be ready for that fight. Because we were going to do Fitch vs. [Matt] Hughes when Diego [Sanchez] fell out, but Fitch isn’t ready,” White told reporters at yesterday’s UFC 137 pre-fight press conference.

Instead White has hinted that he’s hatching an off-the-wall plan for Penn.

“I’m working on that now,” White said. “If I told you what I want to do with that fight you guys would flip out, so we’ll see what happens.”

When looking at the available options it’s difficult to see who White may be talking about here. My first thought was that the ‘crazy’ option might in fact be Nick Diaz. That would certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons, but given that later in the presser the UFC president indicated that he was leaning towards sacking the controversial fighter it’s highly unlikely.

With most of the other 170lb top contenders already booked up for fights in the near future we’ll just have to sit back and see how the UFC intends to proceed from here.