Winner Of Brock Lesnar Vs Alistair Overeem Gets Next Heavyweight Title Shot

The winner of this weekend’s heavyweight title between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos will go on to fight the winner of another titanic clash of the giants that’s set to go down before the end of the year.

Dana White confirmed yesterday that UFC 141’s headline fight between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem will produce the next No.1 contender in the division.

For Lesnar that could equal a chance to claim revenge over Velasquez who snatched the belt from him in his last Octagon appearance back in October of last year. Since then Lesnar has suffered a second battle with Diverticulitis which resulted in him having 12″ of his colon removed so it would be a remarkable story if he was able to fight for the title again.

As for Overeem, who vacated the Strikeforce heavyweight title and a place in the semi-finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix in order to sign for the UFC, it would give him the chance to fulfill a long-term ambition to add the UFC belt to his already bulging trophy cabinet that also includes the K-1 and DREAM heavyweight titles.

Though some may question the prospect of Lesnar potentially getting another shot at Velasquez so soon after being manhandled by him, there’s no doubt that you could essentially just drop these four heavyweight names into a hat and any two you picked back out would make for a must-see fight.

Adding to the intrigue surrounding these potential match-ups, both Lesnar and Overeem will attend Saturday night’s Velasquez Vs Dos Santos fight and they are expected to be interviewed during the FOX broadcast.


  1. It is a bit soon, and with Lesnar having spent the last year on the sidelines he’s not had the time to patch up the holes in his game that Velasquez was able to expose the last time they fought.

    At the same time, the UFC isn’t exactly overflowing with heavyweight contenders right now. The winner of Mir Vs Nogueira 2 at UFC 140 could work their way into the mix, but with Shane Carwin out injured again the division starts to thin out pretty quickly after that.


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