World Series Of Fighting 3 aired on NBC Sports on Friday night to an average of 201,000 viewers.

That’s down 9,000 viewers from their previous show back in March on the network, though up 3,000 compared to the promotions debut last year.

WSOF 3’s best known fighter was Jon Fitch who made an unsuccessful debut after joining the UFC. He’s never been known as a big draw so it’s not too surprising that they weren’t able to match the ratings for WSOF 2 which was headlined by Andrei Alrovski Vs Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson.

When you also factor in that this time around they aired Friday night as opposed to Saturday, which generally is seen as a weaker night rating wise, then this wasn’t too bad of a performance overall.

However, it’s clear that WSOF are going to be lagging quite some distance behind both of it’s major rivals, the UFC and Bellator in the ratings department for the foreseeable future.