Wrestling Stars React To Brock Lesnar’s Win At UFC 116

A number of Brock Lesnar’s fellow stars from his days in pro-wrestling were in attendance at UFC 116 in Las Vegas last night to cheer him on, including ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

After the fighter battled back from adversity in the first round, just as he had done with his problems with diverticulitis in the past year, emotions were unsurprisingly running high amongst his friends as they paid remarkably heart felt tributes to the heavyweight champion.

Jim Ross:

“Well, I tell ya, I was worried in the first round but I know Brock’s got great guts and determination,” Jim Ross told Ariel Helwani.  “He’s got a renewed spirit about his life and we saw that. I don’t know of any other heavyweight in MMA that would have endured the first round against a great fighter like Shane Carwin other than Brock Lesnar. So, I’m really proud of Brock.”

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin:

“Hands down Brock Lesnar’s the best heavyweight in MMA.  He’s just freaky strong, very fast, very quick, he continues to improve every time he steps into the octagon.  His present is great right now, his future looks very, very bright.  I’m very proud of Brock Lesnar and he’s a great champion and obviously a very, very big draw for the UFC.”

Paul Heyman:

“I need a medic!  Wow, I’m blown away.  First of all I think Josh Rosenthal deserves all the credit in the world because that was a hell of a judgement call in the first round.”

“Who’s the f*cking man. He took a beating…anyone questions his chin any more can shut the f*ck up.   Anybody that questions whether he can take a pounding can…and credit to Shane Carwin for taking the fight to Brock like nobody ever did.”

Bill Goldberg:

“Brock is a miracle walking now, you know?  The fact that he’s even competing again is unbelievable.  At this level, it’s astonishing.

“The most thing that I’m proud of tonight is not that he won, it’s how he acted afterwards.  Brock Lesnar’s a great human being.  He’s a great family man, he’s a great husband and a great father, but he’s very emotional as people have seen in the past, but if you know the guy deep down inside, he’s as good as they come.”

Watch more of what they had to say in an interview with mmafighting’s Ariel Helwani here.


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