Yushin Okami Feel’s He’s Ready For A 185lb Title Shot

Yushin Okami is one of the most consistent performers in the middleweight division, and after adding Mark Munoz to the list of fighters he’s defeated during his 9-2 run in the UFC he feels he’s in the right place to receive a title shot.

“Obviously, we all fight to be champions,” Okami told MMAjunkie.com after the fight.“I think that I’m ready to go.”

The good news for the Japanese fighter is that Dana White appears to agree, telling ‘The Daily Line’ show earlier in the week that, “This guy’s due for a title shot.”

That somewhat unexpected statement was clearly music to Okami’s ears.

“I’m honored that [White] would say that, and I hope that I’m up to the challenge if I’m given the opportunity,” Okami said. “It’s nice that he thinks I am [ready], and if I’m given the opportunity, we shall see.”

Despite White’s remarks it’s far from certain that a title shot does await the 29 year-old as it’s been anticipated for some time that Vitor Belfort would be the next challenger. There’s also the fact that if Chael Sonnen manages to defeat Silva next week then it would be hard to justify Okami getting the first crack at him given that Sonnen handily defeated him in October of last year.

For the time being, just being mentioned by the UFC as a genuine title contender will be considered a major boost for the often overlooked Okami.


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