Yves Jabouin put on a spinning back kick clinic tonight at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 3’ as he floored Jeff Houghland on several occasions en-route to a dominant decision win.

The first round started off fairly quitely, though Jabouin sent Houghland a warning shot of what might be to come when he landed a punch to the head and then landed a spinning back kick to his midsection that sent Houghland reeling back against the cage.

Things slowed down again after that though with Houghland looking very tentative on the outside, while Jabouin was happy to just throw out the occasional kick.

Towards the end of the round things ramped up dramatically though as Jabouin landed another powerful spinning back kick to the body that dropped Houghland, leaving him wincing in pain.

Jabouin looked to capitalize on the mat with some ground and pound, but then backed off and just peppered the still downed Houghland’s legs with some kicks, in effect giving him time to recover. However he then landed an axe kick to the body of Houghland that again had him grimacing in pain and brought about another flurry of strikes from Jabouin, but the round was coming to an end and he couldn’t put him away.

Houghland only had a minute to recover in-between rounds before Jabouin went back to firing off kicks to his body, but this time he took them and continued fighting.

Looking to change things up Houghland then sought a takedown attempt, but couldn’t make it work and so had to go back to engaging on the feet.

Luckily for him after his initial burst of energy Jabouin was now slowing down a little and crusied through most of the rest of the round without doing a whole lot of damage.

Onto the third round and Jabouin had found his second wind and was going all-out for a finish. A couple of heavy punches to the head drop Houghland early and he goes all-in with strikes to his gounded opponent and it looks like the fight is moments away from being stopped.

Then Jabouin changes strategy and it looks like he’s going for a submission, but it doesn’t work and Houghland manages to scramble and end up on top. He’s clearly tired though and before long Jabouin is able to reverse the position once more. Jabouin continues to work, but Houghland has the presence of mind to put him back into his full guard and eventually the referee opts to stand them up.

Another spinning back kick lands and is followed up by a flying knee that folds Houghland yet again. He tries to get up and Jabouin sends him back down again with a kick to the head.

Houghland is tough as nails though and isn’t in any mood to give up and though he eats some nasty elbows in the final seconds he makes it to the final bell.

No doubt about the winner here though with Jabouin scoring a unanimous decision win (30-27 x2, 30-26).