Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer’s Playboy Shoot Is Out Today (Video Inside)

The day has arrived – you can now get your hands on the March 2012 edition of Playboy who’s cover star just happens to be our very own UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer.

Palmer joins other past and present Octagon girls like Arianny Celeste, Rachelle Leah and Chandella Powell who have also posed for the iconic magazine over the years.

If you’re too much of a cheapskate to purchase it then check out the behind-the-scenes video from the shoot below which gives you a flavor of what your missing.


  1. Ring girls, at least the good one’s are essentially models. Palmer and a few others make a lot more then 30k a year promoting a variety of products and appearing at different events. The comments you make about ring girls seem rooted more in your own insecurities and the knowledge that you will never be able to attract such attractive young women. Indeed your comments even suggest that you may be a woman hater. Perhaps you should delete your foul and odious remarks before people figure out the truth about you.

  2. Ring girls make around 30k per year competing against thousands of other women strictly in the looks department.Look it up. I would not presume to know what (if anything) they make outside the arena. But 30 k per year is low. However it puts them within tulips reach of rich successful men looking for a trophy wife.

    This one actually found a rich successful good looking and relatively young guy to marry her. She basically hit the lotto. But like most attractive women she never see’s the window closing. what does she do? She continues to act like she has endless options with men partying carousing hanging out at the Playboy grotto (orgies are the norm there) etc. driving her good husband crazy with distrust. No man wants to marry a whore.

    Aging is a fact of life. Yet she never sees the end coming, dishonors her husband, and continues to party and carouse. “Playboy models” today are also, for the most part, a supply and demand flash in the pan. The internet made every pretty girl a potential model and now there are too many attractive women competing for too few jobs.

    As a result any man can get one for around $500 hr. I would never do that but a quick search of “escorts Las Vegas” proves my point. Take a look. As far as having a regular relationship with a ten – I could not date or marry one without it costing me everything to keep her around etc – just like an escort.

    Seems this rich good looking young mans wife is not much different. :)

  3. Oh come on man, there are so many things wrong with your argument I don’t even know where to begin. First, how do you know 30k a year isn’t much money to be a ring girl? That depends on how often she works. Hell 30k a year for a few hours work a month might be huge money. One of those ring girls with the UFC is currently also attending university in order to become a veternarian. Are you kidding me with your generalizations? You have a low opinion of women in general.

    Secondly where do you get off mixing the behavior, or what you think is the slutish behavior of one women, in with the general behavior of all ring girls? That’s absurd and it’s mean. You can’t generalize your highly suspect opinion of one woman to the behavior of all woman working in a specific business or industry. And as for Mrs. Palmer, as I recall her good and loving husband was initially charged with attempted murder. You claim she drove him to it. Are you serious? Are you one of those people who, as he beats his wife, keeps asking her why she makes you beat her? Seriously man, the more you say, the more you reveal some really messed up ideas you have about women.

    Wipe your mental slate regarding women. When you meet a new woman, take her on her own merit. Draw conclusions about her based on her behavior and don’t assign her responsibility for the actions you take as an adult. That’s the place you need to start.

    Part of being a man is about being responsible for you. Maybe your a 6 and are pissed you can’t hook up with a 10. Don’t sweat it man, thats just nature. If you are a 6 and want to date a 10 then develop some attributes not related to your looks that women like. For instance, I always say, if you can’t be handsome, be handy. I married a 10 and I’m about a 7 but we been married for decades and the one rule I’ve always followed is I try to never make her have to ask me to do a “honey do” more then once. And you know what, I probably get asked to do less around the house then just about any guy I know because she know’s if she ask’s me to do something, I’m going to bust my ass to get it done. Just knowing that makes her go easy on me. She loves me and I worship her and our kids are well adjusted. You need to rework your whole thing man. You got some serious misconceptions about women.

  4. Why are you making this about me when the article is about her?
    Ring girls are expected to be at all media and fight related functions internationally. It’s not a “hard” job per say but time consuming.
    Yea ok. One of them is going to online university to be a Vet because she likes animals and anyone with a pulse can get a student loan. Big deal man.
    In the meantime she parties hard and has sex. I mean what is it that you think these girls do? Ring girls have been around since Roman Gladiator times and I assure you then as now – they don’t sell girl scout cookies. They are there for the ride.

  5. Well done, you discovered someone who is becoming a vet because she likes animals. What an absurd reason to become a vet. I wonder if it ever occured to anyone else who likes animals to become a vet. lol. As for having sex. Hey I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but pretty much all girls have sex, even girl scouts, at least the older ones, not the brownies, have sex. And no, not anyone can get a student loan and the reason she is working is so that she can pay her college costs. You’re right the article is about her but your angry hostile response to the article illuminates you more then the article illuminates it’s own subject…… so there is that. Lighten up on the ladies man. And on an historical note, I seriously doubt you are an expert on ring girls from Roman times forward.

  6. It’s not an absurd reason to become a vet. It’s common. Like psychology, sociology and women’s studies degrees. There’s really nothing unique about a women getting a student loan and deciding she wants to be a vet because she “likes animals”. It’s cute. It’s admirable. But it’s common choice.
    And yes. Anyone can get a student loan today. I’ll take it a step further and say that student loans are actually a form of social welfare today. Many students and adults literally live off student loans. I know girls who’ve been doing this for 10+ years. There is no limit on the amount of worthless degrees you can get and they will give a student loan to anyone with a pulse.

  7. No, student loans are the only debt you can accrue which you can not have forgiven through bankruptcy. Secondly, becoming a veternarian is no easy thing. It’s about as difficult as becoming a doctor. Idiots need not apply. At college I roomed across the hall from a guy in the veternarian program. He worked his butt off and the guy was brilliant. So pretty much everything you think you know is wrong. Being a ring girl to earn her way through college is not a bad thing. I can understand why she doesn’t want to take out student loans or at least minimize the money she borrows. If she doesn’t pay it back with interest, her assets will be seized over and over again until the debt is paid back with interest. Why do you hate women?

  8. It does not matter they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. You’re missing the point. I know being a Vet is not easy. Neither is being a brain surgeon or engineer. But you don’t see these attractive party girls going into neurology or engineering do you? Nope. They go into things like being a Vet. Women “think” with there “feelings”. Here is the thought process:

    “Animals are fuzzy and cuddly and cute and sweet! OMG! I LOVE animals! Yay animals! I’m going to become a Vet!”

    Then she goes out and gets a huge student loan and checks “Vet” on her college application. This allows her to pull the “I’m going to school to become a doctor” card. You see? She’s not just another hot piece of air headed eye candy, no no no, shes going to college to become a “Vet”. She got the loan and checked the box on her college application. Ya.

    How many of these bimbos actually graduate from STEM degrees? 2%3%? Anyone with a pulse can get a student loan. That’s the problem with student loans today. Anyone can get them.

    LOL @ ‘everything I think I know is wrong because you roomed across the hall from a brilliant guy in college who worked his butt off.? That’s pretty funny dude. You got me. :)

    I do not hate women. No way. I am just pointing some things out that’s all. :) .

  9. All you’ve pointed out is that you have a closet full of unresolved issues around women. I guess a lot of lonely beta type males do. I don’t get it but I understand that it is a condition that afflicts a significant minority of males in this country and around the world.


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