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Aleksei Oleinik Defeats Maurice Greene With Armbar Submission At UFC 246

Aleksei Oleinik had to battle hard to earn his submission victory against Maurice Greene tonight at UFC 248, but eventually found it courtesy of an armbar.

Round One:

Big body kick from Greene to start and Oleinik falls to the mat, perhaps trying to lure his opponent to the mat, but he’s not falling for that and he’s forced to get back up.

Hook lands for Oleinik. Greene tries for a head kick but misses. Oleinik clinches up and brings Greene down. Greene trying for a kimura, but that’s not going to work out for him.

Oleinik moves to side control as Greene is turned with his feet on the cage. Oleinik looking for a potential neck crank, but Greene pushes off the cage to escape and then is trying for a triangle choke.

Oleinik quickly out of that and stays on top. However, Greene works the triangle choke again and while it doesn’t result in a finish it does allow him to stand back up again.

The problem is Oleinik is still clinched up and brings him to the mat again. Now Oleinik passes to full mount. He drops down a big elbow to the head. Now he’s setting up a scarf choke and steps off to the side to try and finish it off.

Credit to Greene though, he’s not tapping out to this and Oleinik is putting a lot of effort into finishing without success. Greene even manages to land some hammerfists and then survives to the end of the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Oleinik. Greene fires off a big kick of his own. Greene with a flurry of punches as Oleinik covers up.

Oleinik with a slow overhand that misses. Greene partially lands a head kick and Oleinik wades into the clinch.

Greene lands another big blow and Oleinik stops in his tracks for a moment and then plods forward again, throwing a punch and then clinching up and forcing a takedown.

Oleinik looks very tired here, but has the fight where he wants it and is now working from half guard. Greene trying a kimura from his back here, but then gives up on it.

Oleinik landing a few punches now and a hard elbow. Oleinik moves to full mount and tries for a bellydown armbar.

There’s a real battle here as Greene tries to defend this submission and for a while he does so successfully, but Oleinik just refuses to give up on it and is rewarded with a tapout at 4.38mins of the second round.

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