Alexa Grasso Defeats Ji Yeon Kim By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN+ 33

Alexa Grasso moved up to flyweight tonight against Ji Yeon Kim at UFC On ESPN+ 33 and emerged with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

leg kick for Grasso as Kim throws a punch. Overhand right from Grasso. Now a leg kick. left hand from Grasso, but a big punch lands for Kim too.

Inside leg kick from Grasso now. She gets a right hand through. Jab for Kim. Uppercut attempt from Kim. Grasso fires back with a one-two.

Leg kick for Grasso. Body punch now. Right hand from Kim. jab for her, but Grasso blocks it. Grasso throwing solid punches.

Punch for Grasso, but Kim lands a harder counter. Jab for KIm. She lands a straight right as Grasso was trying a leg kick.

Good body punch for Grasso. Kim goes to the body and head now. One-two for Kim. Body kik for Grasso. Jab for Kim. Another connects.

Body kick for Grasso. Grasso flurries and lands a good right hand, but Kim gets a right hand counter in there too.

Good jab from Grasso and then a final calf kick as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Body kick from Grasso. Leg kick for her. Right hand from Kim after Grasso tried to work to the body. Nice jab for Grasso. Right hook scores too.

Body kick for Grasso. Jab from Kim. She land the jab again. Now an uppercut as Grasso got into her range.

Body punches for Grasso. Now a left hand. Inside leg kick. One-two for Kim. She pumps out the jab. Grasso moves out of range as Kim unloads again.

Both ladies exchanging. Right hand from Grasso and Kim returns fire. Another punch for Kim. Right hand from Grasso as they get into range again.

Superwoman punch for Grasso. She lands again. Inside leg kick from Grasso. Nice right hook for Grasso got Kim’s attention.

Into the clinch and Grasso stumbles as she gets out of it. Leg kick for Kim and that’s the end of the round.

Round Three:

Side kick to the body for Grasso. Quick hands from her. Now working to the body. Nice right hand gets through for Kim.

Kim with a jab. Suddenly Grasso is in on a takedown attempt. Kim threatens with a guillotine if she goes down, so she thinks better of it and they go back to striking.

Grasso with a flurry. Right hand from Kim. Good series of punches upstairs from Grasso. Right hand for Kim. Hard right for Grasso.

Grasso firing out punches to try to keep Kim at bay, but nonetheless Kim does get into a clinch. Grasso does reverse the position against the cage though.

A couple of knees to the legs land for Grasso. Kim reverses her and lands knees of her own. They continue to jockey for position until Grasso eventually manages to secure a takedown. She’s in half guard with a minute of the fight to go.

Grasso able to trap an arm briefly with her leg, but Kim gets out of that. Grasso staying in half guard and lands a good elbow. Now a couple of punches and a few short elbows to end the round.


Solid performance from Grasso then in her new weight class and that earns her a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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