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Alexander Gustafsson’s Move To Heavyweight May Not Be Permanent

Former light-heavyweight title contender Alexander Gustafsson is moving up to heavyweight for his next fight against Fabricio Werdum next month, but it’s not neccessarily going to be a permanent switch.

“I’m taking one fight at a time,” Gustafsson explained to the MMA Viking site.   “I’m fighting Fabricio now in heavyweight, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stay in heavyweight. We’re taking it one fight at a time and see what’s the next move.”

“We dropped a couple of names in heavyweight because I thought about it and it feels like that’s the best decision for me now.  Because I’m pretty big at light heavyweight, and I always have to cut maybe 15, 17 kilos every fight so I just wanted to challenge myself a little bit and yeah, just to challenge me and see how all this will be and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Gustafsson isn’t planning to come in too heavy for his debut in the division though, but says he’s feeling goot at his current weight.

“I’m eating pasta now. I’m feeling good. I weigh (236 pounds).  I never felt so strong. I’m still keeping my skills as a light heavyweight, but I’m just feeling stronger.”

And the Swedish star also admitted he was less than impressed by Werdum’s last fight, a split decision loss to Alexey Oleinik, but that doesn’t mean he’s underestimating him.

“It was terrible,” Gustafsson said of Werdum’s performance.  “I think it was a terrible fight. With that said, Aleksei is a tough guy he fought, but I think even if – Fabricio he can take a punch, he can take damage and he just keeps coming forward. He’s a legit blackbelt and he has really good single-leg takedowns. He comes in with his strange kicks and knees, it’s a guy I have to be prepared for and aware of those tricks.”

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