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Anderson Silva Vows Not To Give Up In Statement After Failed USADA Test

Anderson Silva has vowed not to give up despite failed a USADA drug test recently that led to him being removed from his upcoming fight with Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night 112 in Shanghai, China later this month

“Obviously I think everything is part of a process of evolution,” Silva wrote on Instagram. “With each passing day, I can learn more about who I am. I’m here to thank all my fans, especially my coaches and all the contributors for this long journey. I can’t express my feelings and how sad I am, because we all invest love, passion and time in this camp. I don’t know exactly the plans of God for me. But anyway, I can only thank him and all of you for the love and affection. Nothing is more gratifying at this moment than having you by my side. I will not give up, much less stop doing what I love. Not because of fame or money, it’s because I love to fight. So no matter what happens from now on, nothing changes. My plans are the same. Nothing has changed. A big kiss for everyone and see you soon.”

The 42-year-old’s statement doesn’t provide much in the way of an explanation for how he has now failed a USADA test for the second time in his career.

His first positive test was for steroids back in 2015 led to a one year ban from the sport, despite the Brazilian superstar’s claims that he’d inadvertently taken the PED as part of a sexual enhancement pill, and given that this would now be a second violation he is now facing the potential for an more severe punishment if he’s found guilty.

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