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Andrea Lee Issues First Statement Since Husband Was Charged With Domestic Battery

UFC fighter Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee has issued her first statement since her husband, Donny Aaron was charged with one count of domestic battery and one one count of false imprisonment at their home earlier this month.

An official police report into the incident had revealed that Aaron, who is also her MMA coach, was alleged to have burnt her with a cigarette and choked her after an argument that was witnessed by her friend, fellow fighter Andy Nguyen.

“I want to thank everyone for their support and kind words over the past week,” Lee wrote on Instagram. “Every post, tweet, comment does not go unnoticed. My family and I are handling this situation to the best of our ability, as this is a very sensitive issue and one that as a public figure I wish was not taking place in a public forum. I respectfully ask that everyone respects our privacy at this time as we work towards resolitions and closure. I look forward to returning to the octagon and resuming my winning ways in the near future. Competing has always been a sanctuary for me and brings great joy to my life.

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