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Ben Askren And Scott Coker Engage In War Of Words

Former Bellator champion Ben Askren and Scott Coker have become embroiled in a feud after the promotion’s head honcho spoke out about a rumored boxing match between ‘Funky’ and Jake Paul.

“I already know who’s gonna win that one,” Coker had told MMA Junkie when asked about the match-up. “Ben’s a wrestler. Let’s put it that way, right? So I think he gets knocked out in a boxing fight. But in an MMA fight, it’s a different story.”

Apparently that didn’t sit well with Askren, a former Bellator welterweight tournament champion with four successful defenses of the title.

““Hey, (Scott Coker), remember when your (welterweight) champ won a round against me? Oh yeah he didn’t,” Askren fired back. “How have you not got fired yet? You’re running Bellator into the ground.”

“Everyone knows @ViacomCBS is trying to sell @BellatorMMA bc @ScottCoker is doing such a terrible job but they can’t even find a buyer!!!!”

Coker has since attempted to brush aside Askren’s remarks, but remains unmoved about his position on how that fight would go down.

“He’s just mad because I said Logan would knock him out in a boxing match, which is true,” Coker stated.

However, Coker was clearly also bristling at the suggestion that Viacom was going to sell Bellator and refuted that claim.

“This just came up a couple days ago, because there were groups inquiring about [whether] Viacom [would] want to sell a piece of Bellator, and they said no,” Coker said.

“There’s probably been five, six offers for Bellator since I’ve been there – in the last few years – and Viacom turned them all down.”

Coker, who compared to his UFC counterpart Dana White rarely has public beef with fighters, also upped the ante by threatening legal action against Askren.

“He’s making a very serious accusation that’s untrue,” Coker told MMA Fighting. “I’m meeting with my lawyers later today to discuss our options.”

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