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BJ Penn Knocked Out In Street Fight Then Retaliates

Troubled UFC legend BJ Penn has yet again hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons after being knocked out in a street fight in Hawaii.

The inebriated Penn reportedly had a run-in with a much heavier acquaintance outside the Lava Shack bar that eventually turned physical.

Video footage shows Penn foolishly goading the man to hit him in the face, which he does by throwing a right handed slap and then following it up with a left hook that flash KO’s the former lightweight and welterweight champion.

Penn soon gets back to his feet as the video comes to an end, but other witnesses have claimed that he then got up and attacked the man from behind, sucker-punching him, taking him to the ground and then ground and pounding his adversary as he lies flat on his stomach – the latter of which is also caught on camera in a separate video.

Friends of Penn have suggested that the acquintance is “notorious for taunting BJ” according to TMZ Sports and also said the star had tried to de-escalate the situation several times before the KO occurred.

Whether that’s true or not the reality is that this is an embarrassing and humiliating incident for Penn and it’s far from the first time as it was only a couple of months ago that he was also videoed beating up a a bouncer outside a strip club he’d just been thrown out of in Hawaii.

Together with allegations from his former partner of abuse and other incidents of fighting outside the cage, it’s clear that Penn has serious issues that have to be addressed and is tarnishing not only his own reputation, but that of the UFC too.

Given that the hall-of-famer is currently on a seven-fight losing streak and hasn’t looked remotely like the fighter he once was for many years it’s long overdue for the UFC to be ending their long association with the star.

However, as things stand Dana White said a few weeks ago that he was targeting a fight between Penn and Nik Lentz, though a date hasn’t been set for that yet and it’ll be interesting to see if he’s now had a change of heart after seeing this latest episode of bad behaviour.

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