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Brian Kelleher Taps Out Ode Osbourne With 1st Rd Guillotine Choke At UFC 246

Brian Kelleher made the most of his fight with Ode Osbourne being promoted to the pay-per-view portion of tonight’s UFC 246 as he produced a first round guillotine choke finish.

Round One:

Osbourne crawls out on his hands and then leaps up and throws a big punch that caught Kelleher by surprise. Fast strikes from Osbourne. However Kelleher goes for a takedown and lands it. Short elbows from Osbourne from his back. he tries for an armbar, but nothing doing.

Kelleher manages to move into half-guard despite still receiving offense from Osbourne. Osbourne trying to stand back up, but Kelleher wraps up a guillotine choke. It looks tight already, but Osbourne hangs tough.

However, Kelleher drops back and it’s arm-in, which leaves Osbourne tapping out with his foot at the 2.49min mark of the first round.

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