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Claudio Silva Claims Nordine Taleb Wanted To Fight Him In Hotel After UFC Liverpool Loss

Claudio Silva claimed a big upset win over Nordine Taleb at UFC Fight Night 130 in Liverpool on Sunday night, but it seems that wasn’t the end of the two fighter’s rivalry.

According to the Brazilian, Taleb didn’t take the loss well and showed animosity towards him afterwards.

“Nordine Taleb is a very disrespectful individual,” Silva told “He’s really arrogant. After the fight, I tried talking to him and he told me not to talk to him.”

However, the 35-year-old, who was fighting for the first time in four years, says things really escalated later that night.

“Afterwards, I was sitting at the hotel and he walked by me and I greeted him. He turned around and said ‘F—k you, you son of a bitch. You’re a piece of sh-t. I’ll beat you 10 times out of 10. Let’s go right now’. I was like ‘What’s your problem? Are you crazy?’ and he replied by saying ‘If anybody talks to me like that, I’ll kill them. You’re nobody, you’re sh-t.’”

Silva didn’t take Taleb up on the offer to go toe-to-toe for the second time in one night, and now he wants his rival punished for his actions.

“I think the UFC should do something about it. Can you imagine if my mom or my son were there to hear those things? That guy is the scum of the sport. That’s what I think. He had 15 minutes to beat me and couldn’t do it. Now he wants to fight on the streets? He has to be banned from the sport.”

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