Conor McGregor Says He Can Read Donald Cerrone Like A Children’s Book

Conor McGregor mostly kept a lid on his traditional trash-talking antics during a respectful UFC 246 pre-fight press conference with Donald Cerrone last night, but nevertheless he couldn’t resist taking one verbal jab at ‘Cowboy.’

“I can read Donald,” McGregor told the assembled crowd. “I like him and all, he’s a good guy, but I can read Donald like a children’s book if we’re being honest. He’s a good fighter, he’s got some good tricks up his sleeve. I know the tricks he has, I know what he’s planning and what he hopes to achieve, but we’re well prepared, and we’ll see on the night. It’s going to be a good night.”

During the presser McGregor also emphasized the fact he believes he’ll be the quicker fighter on the night, but it’s clear that he simply thinks he’s the better fighter overall.

“I certainly feel like I have the speed advantage,” McGregor said. “I’m feeling confident going in there. I’m feeling confident against anyone. A full prepared, fully committed Conor McGregor – there’s no one that can touch me. I’m great at this game. I made this game what it is. I’ll remind the world Jan. 18.”

And of course, McGregor also gave his customary pre-fight prediction.

“He has my respect,” McGregor said. “Although there will be blood spilled on Jan. 18, it will not be bad blood. The ‘Mystic Mac’ prediction will be a KO.”

If that prediction does come true then McGregor will have a lot of options for his next bout, and he’s admitted that going up against Jorge Masvidal would be a good one, at least in terms of how they match up together.

“I’d say probably the more exciting of the bouts would probably be myself versus Jorge, from a stylistic standpoint. Usman kind of has the similar style of Khabib [Nurmagomedov], the sniff-the-jockstrap style.”

McGregor is also keeping his options open as to whether he’ll continue competing at 170lbs or not, but it seems that for the time being he feels he can be effective in this weight class.

“I’m enjoying myself at 170. I’m underweight right now. I feel good, I feel energetic, light, fast, accurate and precise. I feel good here.”