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Curtis Blaydes TKO’s Junior dos Santos In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 166

Curtis Blaydes struggled to get his wrestling game going against Junior dos Santos tonight at UFC Fight Night 166, but it turned out he didn’t need it as he went on to produce a second round TKO stoppage victory on the feet.

Round One:

Leg kick for Blaydes. Dos Santos has his right hand cocked back and he does land a glancing blow with it and Blaydes tries to go in on a takedown attempt and doesn’t get it.

Back in striking range Blaydes lands a leg kick and then tries another takedown and he’s reaching a bit too much and JDS avoids it easily.

Body kick from Blaydes is caught by JDS, but he has no interest in going to ground with him and lets it go.

Leg kick apiece. JDS misses with an uppercut attempt. Glancing jab for Blaydes as he chases dos Santos.

Blaydes drives into a takedown again and this time he’s able to clinch up and work for the takedown. however, from the position he ends up landing a punch to the groin and that forces a brief stoppage.

Back to striking they go in the rematch and JDS steps away from Blaydes latest takedown attempt.

Leg kick from Blaydes. JDS lands a punch to the body. Blaydes with a straight. Now a right hand gets through for him.

Blaydes working a takedown from the clinch but again he’s shut down. Blaydes lands a kick though. Big uppercut from JDS to end the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Blaydes. Right hand snaps back JDS’ head and then another connects before his latest takedown attempt fails.

Crushing right hand from Blaydes hurts JDS, whose eyes glaze over momentarily. Blaydes recognises that and throws a couple of knees to the head followed by a barrage of right hands against the cage that convince the referee that the former champion has had enough, leading to the TKO stoppage at 1.06mins of the second round.

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