Dana White Appears To Be Backing Away From Idea Of Boxing Promotion

UFC President Dana White has been actively pursuing a move into promoting boxing fights in recent times, but it seems that he’s now having second thoughts about it.

“I hate speaking negatively about the sport of boxing, other than the fact that it’s a mess – we all knows it’s a mess – and that it needs to be fixed, if it can be fixed,” White told Yahoo! Sports. “I told you guys that I would have a press conference last October and announce all these things, but as I dove into this thing and started to look into the sport of boxing, the economics of boxing, that sport’s a mess. It’s a mess and it’s in big trouble. I don’t know. I don’t know if it can be fixed.”

One potential way to navigate some of the complications of promoting a boxing event, including the fight purse demanded by that sport’s biggest stars, could be to mix in boxing fights with MMA ones on the same card, but White appears to be firmly against that idea.

“I believe that when you put on a UFC event or a boxing event, all the focus and attention should be on that one event. You start with the main event and then it trickles down into the card. There are some great fights that are lined up like, if you don’t know now you know. There’s a couple of fights in there that people might not actually know about that you focus on. And the same thing for a boxing match. When you go to an event, any event, you have to be focused on what’s happening on that card and excited about it. . . You can’t mix and mash all those things together. It just doesn’t work, in my opinion.”

With all that in mind it seems that White is now distancing himself from talk out of putting on ‘Zuffa Boxing’ cards and given how things are at the moment due to the coronavirus situation, perhaps it is best that he does just go back to concentrating on the UFC for the time being anyway.

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