Yesterday during an interview with ESPN, UFC president Dana White made it abundantly clear that he was unhappy with Sports Illustrated’s decision to run a segment questioning whether the recent Anderson Silva Vs Chris Weidman fight was fixed.

Well, a day later Sports Illustrated gave White the opportunity to air his greivances on the very show that he had been referring to – and as you might expect he was taking no prisoners.

Clearly still fuming about the situation, White stated that the show shouldn’t have even raised the topic in the first place given that no one on the panel had actually watched the event.

He was also annoyed that one panelist suggested that the UFC wasn’t as regulated as boxing – a claim that White immediately shot down by pointing out that they are in fact overseen by the same governing body.

“I honestly thought you were calling to apologize because you were so embarassed at how ridiculous your show was. Now as I sit here and talk to you I realize you are even more ridiculous.” White said at one point.

In the end he cooled off enough to answer a few questions about the upcoming rematch between the two fighters, so be sure to check out the whole interview below.