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Dana White Rants About ‘Fight Fix’ Rumors During ESPN Interview (Video)


Dana White was a special guest on the latest edition of the Dan LeBatard show on ESPN yesterday and spent much of the interview ranting about the “conspiracy weirdos” who claimed that Anderson Silva’s recent loss was a fix.

“The odds were 2-1! You don’t throw a 2-1 fight, you throw a 30-1 fight if you’re going to throw a fight!” White exclaimed.

“It’s not like Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson when nobody thought Douglas had a chance,” White continued. “A lot of fighters picked Chris Weidman in this fight, I don’t know what the conspiracy was.”

He wasn’t finished there though.

“Who throws a fight by getting viciously knocked out? Do you know how stupid you have to be to even think that? You are an absolute moron.”

Sports Illustated also got it in the neck from White for even entertaining the idea that it could have been a fix during a recent disccusion panel.

“For someone like Sports Illustrated, people who are supposed to be credible journalists, to go out and say something that stupid when they never even watched the fight – it’s just a testament to how bad reporting is getting these days. It’s more about the shock factor than the fact factor.”

Check out the full interview below.

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