Dana White Says Hosting Events During Pandemic Will Be Very Expensive

After standing down on his plans to host UFC 249 on April 18th, Dana White now appears to be lazer focused on getting back to business on May 9th, even though he reveals in a new interview that putting on events during the pandemic is going to cost a lot of money.

“Listen I’m not stopping,” White told Kevin Harvick on his Sirius XM radio show. “I have this thing figured out. The reality is can it be done? Yes, it can be done.

It’s just very expensive. It’s very expensive and I’m willing to spend the money to do it.

“I don’t sit around and wait for somebody to tell me it’s time to do this, it’s time to do that. You’ve got to look ahead at what’s happening out there.

“My commitment is to my employees and to my fighters. I don’t want lay anybody off and I don’t want fighters sitting around for a year not being able to make money but I want everybody to be safe.

“Instead of hiding from this thing, how do you get out there and figure out how to function yet be safe about it. My biggest problem with this whole thing is misinformation.

You read one thing here, you read something different over here. Nobody really knows what’s going on. It’s been a very strange thing to deal with.”

White didn’t elaborate on my it would be so expensive, but presumably the travel arrangements and testing procedures that would need to be put in place to keep the fighters and staff safe would be a costly business, while at the same time the UFC would be losing out on the revenue they normally generate from having a large live audience, but it doesn’t seem to be putting White off.

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