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Dana White Says UFC Fight Night Events Likely To Remain At APEX Facility This Year

The UFC recently went back on the road and began to bring back fans for their pay-per-view events in Florida and Texas, but it seems they’ve got no plans to follow suit with their Fight Night shows this year.

“I’m sure some of us that live in Vegas are excited to get home and there’s no more masks and all that stuff, but I don’t know about the rest of the country and the rest of the world for that matter,” White said at the UFC 262 post-fight presser. “I have no idea. Take this one day at a time.”

“We’re not even looking at [traveling for] Fight Nights,” White continued. “We didn’t even have gates in our budget until October or November, so right now to start trying to find places for Fight Nights, it just makes no sense. We’ll stay at the cozy APEX and do our thing for the rest of the year, I think.”

Despite that, White insists that when they time is right they absolutely will go back to hosting events around the country for both their PPV and Fight Night events.

“One of the reasons that I believe personally that this sport has grown as big and fast as it is, is because we take this thing all over the world. We go into Oklahoma and places where people usually don’t get fights. So the Fight Nights are a big part of our brand. We’ll continue to do it when the whole country opens up.

“For us, right now, we’re trying to figure out what’s next for the next pay-per-view after Vegas. Guys, I’ve been to New York and I talk to people in Massachusetts and places like this where people aren’t doing sh*t still. I was in New York last week, The Peninsula, one of the biggest, nicest hotels in the world isn’t open and hasn’t been open for a year and a half. The St. Regis isn’t open, Cipriani isn’t open, all these places are closed, and maybe some of you here are from New York and that’s crazy to me. When I go there and these places are all still closed, you guys that live in Vegas, I was in Caesars Palace the other day, you couldn’t fit more people in that place, it was madness.

“Vegas is rocking and booming, you come to Texas, you go to Florida, people are living normal lives, but you start thinking about where we take this thing next, a lot of these states are still really, really closed down.”

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