Darren Stewart Defeats Deron Winn By Split Decision At UFC On ESPN 6

Darren Stewart narrowly edged past Deron Winn tonight at UFC On ESPN 6 thanks to his striking, despite being taken down multiple times during the fight.

Round One:

Stewart moving on the outside and flicks out his rangey jab against the smaller man. Stewart looking to unleash offense and so Winn opts to move in for an early takedown.

Winn battling for this, but Stewart is defending for now. Winn not concerned though and resets a little, before going in for another attempt and this time landing it.

Stewart starts slowly working to his knees, but Winn is tight to him. Winn tries for a single-leg as Stewart stands, but it doesn’t pay off, allowing his opponent to escape.

Winn quickly closes the distance however and brings Stewart to the mat once again. Stewart again working to his knees and managing to stand.

Against the cage Stewart lands a few solid elbows. However, then Winn hoists him up and plants him back down on the mat near the center of the Octagon.

Elbows fly from Stewart from his back and that opens up a cut to Winn’s scalp in the final seconds of the round.

Round two:

Stewart throws out the jab as he looks to work from range. He’s continuing to just stick out the jab and Winn tries to throw an overhand in return that doesn’t connect.

Kick to the leg from Stewart, but it misses the target and lands to the groin, forcing a brief stoppage.

Jab from Stewart, but then Winn ducks in and closes the distance to clinch up and start working for another takedown, which he goes on to land.

Winn in Stewart’s guard for now near the cage. Stewart to his knees and stands with Winn remaining clinched up.

Stewart manages to get away though and he starts to tag Winn with left and rights. Winn goes for a takedown and this time it’s defended by Stewart, which will give him confidence.

Hard left hand from Stewart. Winn closes the distance again, but isn’t able to get the takedown this time. He tries for a head kick that misses and then goes back to the takedown.

Stewart stuffs it, but at the second attempt Winn seals the deal. However, Stewart stands straight back up against the cage.

Knee upstairs from Stewart. Uppercuts from Winn and then another good knee from Stewart.

Winn goes to the outside now and shaking out his arms. He might be tiring here and Stewart capitalizes on it, landing a big punch that hurts Winn and then more behind it as the round ends.

Round Three:

Winn still looking a little hesitant and weary to start the third. Meanwhile Stewart looks lighter on his feet and is bacck to flicking out the jab.

Again the jab lands for Stewart. Winn reaches for the legs of his opponent but aborts on that attempt.

Hard right for Stewart. Big punch from Winn. More jabs from Stewart. Quick jabs and then a solid straight. Now a left hook lands for Stewart.

Another hard jab for Stewart. Winn wades forward with a right and then a hard left hook. He whiffs on an uppercut. Now Stewart is pulling a suprise on Winn by landing a takedown and looking for ground and pound behind it.

However, Winn is able to use his wrestling ability to get on top and is now in Stewart’s guard.

Stewart gets to his knees and crawls over to the cage, then stands back up with Winn still staying tight to him. Another takedown for Winn.

Stewart quickly back to his knee. He stands and Winn backs up. They start winging heavy leather at each momentarily.

Big left hook for Winn. He misses with a kick. Stewart grabs a hold of Winn’s neck and drops back hoping for a late submission attempt, but the round ends in the process.


Close fight then and on the scorecards it’s a split decision verdict, with Stewart’s striking outdoing Winn’s wrestling in two of the three judges eyes to earn him the victory.

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