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Diego Ferreira Submits Anthony Pettis By Rear-Naked Choke At UFC 246

Diego Ferreira used his grappling skills to get the better of Anthony Pettis tonight at UFC 246, tapping him out with a rear-naked choke in the second round.

Round One:

Round Two:

Glancing hook for Pettis. He goes for a body kick, but Ferreira catches it and is working a takedown attempt. Pettis fighting it, but then falls to his knees with Ferreira on his back. Similar position to round one now with Pettis hoping to spin around into his opponent again.

This time when he tries it Ferreira moves and stays on top and soon takes his back again. Ferreira lands punches as Pettis turtles and then tries to work to his feet. Ferreira pulls him back down and immediately goes for a rear-naked choke that’s almost akin to a neck crank and ‘Showtime’ quick taps out at 1.46mins of the second round!

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