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Diego Sanchez Parts Ways With Controversial Coach Joshua Fabia

In a move that’s likely to send a collective sigh of relief around the MMA community, Diego Sanchez has opted to part ways with his controversial coach Joshua Fabia.

“Any power of attorney that Fabia had has been rescinded/terminated,” Sanchez’s lawyer Charles Lakins told

In itself, the fact that Fabia had power of attorney over Sanchez is troubling, but perhaps not surprising given how much of a mess the last few years have been for ‘The Nightmare’ since he first turned his back on the highly regarded Jackson-Wink MMA camp and moved on to be coached by the owner of the ‘School Of Self-Awareness’.

Since then there had been a distinct decline in Sanchez’s performances in the Octagon, with Fabia’s completely lack of MMA experience and incompetent corner advice quickly leading to concerns about the quality of coaching he was receiving.

Furthermore, Fabia increasingly drew attention to himself with his wacky behavior, including warning officials prior to Sanchez’s fight with Michael Chiesa that he’d taught him a submission move that could paralyse or kill his opponent.

Things only got stranger from then onwards as Fabia became more confrontational with both the media and UFC staff.

Recently that led to Sanchez being cut from the UFC prior to his retirement fight with Donald Cerrone amid concerns about his health due to Fabia demanding all of his fighter’s past medical records and the fighter refusing to tell officials whether he was experiencing any short or long-term health health issues that could affect his ability to fight.

Afterwards, Dana White stopped short of criticizing Sanchez and instead criticized Fabia, while current and former UFC stars like conor McGregor, Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans all spoke out urging him to part ways with the coach they believed was ruining his reputation.

At first there were fears those pleas would fall on deaf ears as Sanchez himself revealed that he’d even stopped speaking to family members over his relationship with Fabia, but thankfully it seems like he’s now taken time to reflect and has decided it’s time to distance himself from the controversial coach.

“Sometimes you have to look hard in the mirror to see yourself clearly,” Sanchez wrote on Onlyfans.  “I had a lot of hard truths I have had to look at.”

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