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Donald Cerrone Tries To Laugh Off Injury Concerns After Limping In Video

Fans were understandably alarmed to see Donald Cerrone limping heavily during episode 2 of UFC 246 Embedded this week, but ‘Cowboy’ has now attempted to laugh off those concerns.

“I knew that was going to come up, people are good!” Cerrone replied when asked by reporters about the limp. “But, look, what if I was walking with a draw, you know, or maybe I stepped on a lego – I got a kid now.

“Naw, I’m good – look,” Cerrone said while jumping up and down lightly on his toes. “No, I’m fine. I just…kicked the pad funny, just a funny nothing [shrugs].”

Despite that claim, some will likely still be skeptical as Cerrone is known for his toughness and isn’t the type of fighter to pull out of a fight – especially the biggest and most lucrative one of his entire career.

In some ways it’s surprising that the Embedded episode actually aired that footage as it was inevitably going to lead to speculation and could harm pay-per-view sales if fans feel that Cerrone is not 100%.

That being said, many fans won’t want to miss out on a McGregor fight, regardless of who he is facing, so it doesn’t seem as if the UFC brass are overly concerned about it.

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