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Donald Cerrone Wants Back And Forth War With Conor McGregor

Most fighters would be happy for a quick highlight reel knockout in the biggest fight of their lives, but not Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone.

Instead, ahead of his blockbuster UFC 246 main event fight with Conor McGregor on Saturday night in Las Vegas, Cerrone has made it clear he wants a classic back-and-forth war for the ages.

“The best way to win? A fourth-round knockout win,” Cerrone said during a media scrum earlier this week. “I want to test him and test myself. I trained hard for that, that’s what I’m here for.

There’s a lot of glory when you knock someone out early, but to me, the glory is much bigger when you go out there and answer the questions that are in your head. You go out there like a savage, take a step back when you take a shot, eat the punch and keep moving forward. That’s the disease I have and I love it.

“If I could have a perfect fight, it would be a back-and-forth battle, almost like a street fight.”

Whatever happens though, Cerrone is content knowing that he’ll be breaking at least some records on Saturday night, as he already holds several, including most UFC fights, most wins, finishes and most knockdowns.

“This will be 34th fight, but I won’t break just one record. I’ll break five or six this Saturday. That’s what I talk about. I’ll surely get another bonus, a knockout or submission, another fight and another win. You can tell them we’ll run right through them.

“That’s the coolest part. Everytime I step into the Octagon, I break a record. That’s cool, right? You get to break a record by just being yourself, that makes it even cooler. When I leave this sport, I want to have had so much fun that those young fighters, like Maycee Barber, will want to surpass me, so I need to have some pretty high records in order to stop them.”

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