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Hakeem Dawodu Dominates Kyle Bochniak But Has To Settle For Split Decision At UFC 231

hakeen Dawodu picked apart Kyle Bochniak at striking range tonight at UFC 231, but due to one judge’s bizarre scorecard he only claimed victory by way of a split decision verdict.

Round One:

Dawodu with a high kick to start. He works low kicks too and pumps out a few punches too without quite finding his range this early in the encounter.

Spinning kick misses for Dawodu. Bochniak with a low kick. He starts moving on the outside and Dawodu lands another leg kick.

One-two off Bochniak’s guard. Leg kick from Bochniak. Now a right hand for him. Low leg kick. Another punch combo from Dawodu that’s blocked.

Body shot and a leg kick from Dawodu. Now body kick. Hard leg kick and Bochniak tries to counter. Punch lands clean for Dawodu.

Nice jab for Dawodu. Low kick for Bochniak. Hooks land for him on the counter. Jumping attack for Dawodu lands to the groin, but Bochniak is ok.

Back to it they go. Bochniak lands a good takedown. Dawodu soon works back to his feet against the cage, but Bochniak stays pressed up against him and briefly has him down again before he gets up and moves away.

Body kick for Dawodu as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Dawodu and then to the body with punches. Another punch to the body for him. Leg kick for Dawodu. He pumps out the jab.

One-two for Bochniak. Right hand for him. He lands to the body. Flurry of punches for Dawodu, but doesn’t connect clean. Kick for Dawodu, but Bochniak kicks it and takes him down. However, Dawodu does well to rise straight back up to his feet.

Right hook lands from Bochniak. Body strike for Dawodu but Bochniak counters with another hook. Body punch for Dawodu, knee strike upstairs from Bochniak.

Leg kick for Bochniak. Body punches and a low kick from Dawodu. Punch and a body kick for Dawudo as Bochniak lands a left hand counter.

Two punches for Dawodu and then has to stuff a takedown attempt from Bochniak. One-two down the pipe from Dawodu. Now a right hand lands.

Bochniak drives in for a takedown, but Dawodu again brushes that aside as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Jab for Dawodu and a leg kick. Right hand and then a left. They clinch and Dawodu lands a nice knee to the body before they seperate.

Jab for Dawodu. Leg kick now. He connects with a body kick, but Bochniak catches it and drives him into the cage. Back to striking range. Dawodu steps into a knee to the body. He lands punches. Both men exchange blows at close range and then Bochniak drives into a takedown and this time lands it.

Dawodu manages to work his way to the cage and stands. Bochniak stays on him trying to excecute another takedown, but this time Dawudo stuffs it.

left hand lands for Dawudo. Another left for Bochniak. Bochniak clinching up. Nothing much doing and they go back to striking range. Jumping front kick to the body for Dawudo.

Body kick for Dawodu. Another lands. Jab scores for Dawodu and then another punch behind it. Dawodu easily stopping another takedown attempt and lands a knee to the body. Dawodu picking apart Bochniak in these final seconds with hard strikes and hurts him with a final front kick to the body that makes Bochniak wince.


No question about the winner here, Dawudo dominated Bochniak on the feet, buy strangely one judge saw it in Bochniaks favor. Nevertheless, Dawudo emerges with a unanimous decision victory (28-29, 30-27 x2).

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