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Holly Holm KO’s Bethe Correia With A Head Kick At UFC Fight Night 111

Holly Holm took her time at UFC Fight Night 111 tonight, then suddenly burst to life with a head kick that dropped Bethe Correia in the third round, before landing a follow-up punch to end the fight by knockout.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Singapore!

Lots of feints from Holm in the opening minute, but no actual punches landing. 90 seconds gone and still no strikes landed by either fighter.

Almost two minute on the clock before finally Holm lands a side kick. She lands that again. Light leg kick for Correia. She usually marches forward into battle, but not in this fight so far.

Another side kick from Holm as Correia comes up short with a punch in return. Correia attempts a superman punch that doesn’t land.

Holm almost catches Corriea with a head kick, but it lands to the upper body instead.

An exchange in close and it’s Correia who gets the better of it with a solid punch. Correia able to land another punch. Side kick for Holm.

The round comes to a close with Holm missing a final kick upstairs. Not much action in that round at all.

Round Two:

Leg kick to the thigh from Holm. Side kick doesn’t quite land cleanly this time. Another side kick grazes Correia’s body as the crowd begins to boo the lack of action.

Side kick to the leg from Holm this time. Correia still not engaging much, though a brief flurry just there doesn’t find the mark.

Nice right hand for Correia. Head kick attempt from Holm is blocked. Another side kick for the former champion.

The ref Marc Goddard stops the fight momentarily and tells the fighters that though he respects their gameplans – they have to fight! You don’t see that often. let’s see if they oblige.

Correia starting to let her hands go a bit more, but not finding the elusive, always moving Holm. Holm lands a body kick. Superman punch for Holm just comes up short.

Suddenly Correia moves quickly to get the bodylock on Holm’s back and swings her over towards the cage. Unfortunately there’s only 10 seconds of the round remaining and so she just stays clinched until the horn sounds.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Correia. Body kick lands for Holm. Holm throwing a bunch of fakes as she often does. However, she then suddenly unleashes a question mark head kick and her shin slams into Correia’s jaw and floors her.

Correia sits dazed on the mat as Holm rushes in and clocks her with a punch to seal the devastating KO finish with 1.09mins of the third round gone!

Wow! That was a very underwhelming fight for so long, but the finish was well worth the wait and puts Holm right back on the bantamweight map.

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