Ian Heinisch Beats Antonio Carlos Jr By Decision At UFC Fight Night 152

After being outgrappled in the opening round at UFC Fight Night 152, Ian Heinisch managed to bring the fight to Antonio Carlos Jr in the two rounds that followed to claim a victory on the scorecards.

Round One:

Immediately Heinisch throws a body kick and one to the leg. Leg kick for Carlos Jr.

Inside leg kick for Heinisch. Another lands. Now Carlos Jr goes for the clinch, gets him to the cage and then trips to land the takedown.

Half-guard for Carlos Jr now with four minutes to work. He thinks about a leg lock but gives up on it almost immediately to stay tight on top instead.

However, Heinisch is able to stand back up with Carlos Jr still clinched to his back. Heinisch tries to cartwheel out of that, but Carlos Jr stays clinched and he soon finds himself back against the cage.

Against Heinisch tries to cartwheel of the clinch, but nothing doing. Trip takedown for Carlos Jr, but Heinisch stands back up quickly.

Another takedown for Carlos Jr and he ends up in north south position as heinisch goes to his knees. he stands back up, but is soon brought back down again.

Carlos Jr on Heinisch’s back on the mat now. He transitions to a guillotine choke. They scramble and Carlos Jr ends up in full mount, but can only get a couple of punches off before the end of the round.

Round Two:

Low leg kick for Heinisch. Right hook lands for him now. Calf kick connects. He tries for a head kick and almost loses his balance. Leg kick for Carlos Jr now.

Heinisch continuing to try to apply pressure with punches. Calf kick for Heinisch, punch for Carlos Jr, but afterwards Carlos complains about a headbutt, but the referee tells them to keep fighting as he didn’t see it.

Carlos Jr clinches up again and again Heinisch tries to cartwheel out of it without success. Heinisch gets back upright, but Carlos Jr stays latched onto his back.

For a moment Carlos Jr is on one knee and eats a backwards elbow from his opponent. Another takedown for Carlos Jr, but this time Heinisch ends up on top.

Half-guard for Heinisch and landing some sort left hands. He continues with that as Carlos Jr tries to stand, then turns up the heat with bigger punches.

On his knees Carlos Jr gets hit with some big elbows and then rolls to his back in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Heinisch just misses with a right hand. Kick attempt from Heinisch and Carlos Jr lands a right hand counter that drops him just for a moment.

Back up Heinisch pressuring forward again. He lands with a left hand. Big knee to the body from Carlos Jr, but it strays low to the groin and forces a stoppage.

Left hand gets through for Heinisch and then Carlos Jr falls to the mat though it’s unclear if it was strike or a push that caused it.

Heinisch working a big knee, but Carlos Jr toughs it out and works for a takedown. He goes for the takedown and is having to work hard to get anything going here as Heinisch seems to be the fresher man.

Carlos Jr slips off Heinisch’s back and Heinisch is now on top with half the round remaining. Heinisch looking to stay busy from here, but Carlos Jr manages to sweep him.

Good spot for Carlos Jr, but now Heinisch is able to stand up. Carlos Jr would like to go straight back to grappling, but he slips off Heinisch again and his opponent settles back on top in half guard.

Heinisch gets to full mount and starts landing some punches. He steps back for a moment and drops in with a final punch before the end of the round.


Heinisch did well to turn the tables on Carlos Jr after coming off second best in the opening round and that led to him earning a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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