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Ion Cutelaba KO’s Luis Henrique da Silva In 22 Seconds At UFC Fight Night 110

Ion Cutelaba ran over the top of Luis Henrique da Silva in a matter of moments tonight at UFC Fight Night 110, with the violent KO finish coming at 22 seconds of the first round.

Round One:

Da Silva pumps out the jab, but then a hard right lands with authority from Cutelaba. Cutelaba with a flurry of hooks and he drops Da Silva!

Cutelaba gives his opponent no time to recover, swarming the dazed Da Silva with a series of right handed blows on the mat that force the referee to step in and end the fight at the 22 second mark!

Impressive stuff from the 23-year-old known as ‘The Hulk’, improving his UFC record so far to 2-2, while Da Silva could be on his way out of the UFC after suffering his third loss in a row.

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