Islam Makhachev Defeats Davi Ramos By Decision At UFC 242

Islam Makhachev largely focused on his striking against Davi Ramos at UFC 242 in a relatively action-light fight, but then stepped things up in the final round, dropping his opponent with a knee and then controlling him on the mat.

Round One:

Body kick for Makhachev to start. He goes for a head kick, but it’s blocked. Makhachev immediately transitions into a takedown, but Ramos defends and stays upright for now.

Left hand from Makhachev. Body kick for Ramos. Right hand and then a straight left from Makhachev. Now a leg kick for him.

Body punch from Makhachev. Ramos not quite found his range yet and seems hesitant to engage, waiting to counter instead.

Makhachev with a leg kick and then Ramos fires off a couple of punches in return. Not much action so far. Makhachev with a bit of venom on a left hand, but it’s blocked.

Ramos swinging a bit wildly for a moment in the final 10 seconds of the round, but doesn’t really land anything meaningful.

Round two:

Punches swatting thin air to start the second. however, then Makhachev lands a high gloves off the gloves and that results in wild punches from Ramos in return and then wades into the clinch against the cage.

It’s not long before they separate and Makhachev lands to the body. Another body punch from Makhachev. Left hand for him.

Counter left lands for Makhachev. Jab lands for Ramos and Makhachev’s legs buckled for a brief moment there.

jab for Ramos and a left hand in response from Makhachev. Makhachev lands again with the left. Again he goes for it, but only glances the target this time.

Makhachev with a body punch. Ramos clinches for a second and Makhachev connects with a knee upstairs before they seperate.

Straight left for Makhachev and then a right hook. Solid leg kick now. Ramos tries to press forward with a flurry, but gets caught with a stiff jab.

More wild strikes from Ramos as he surges forward without landing anything significant.

Round Three:

Uppercut for Makhachev. Ramos comes surging forward wildly again, but Makhachev clocks him with a knee to head that puts him down and Makhachev secures top position and starts to land punches.

Makhachev in the BJJ player’s guard now. Solid left hooks from Makhachev. There’s a scramble and it looked like Makhachev was going to improve position, but then settles back into the guard.

Approaching the half way point in the final round. Punch over the top from Makhachev. Makhachev posturing up for a moment, but Ramos starts to wall walk. Makhachev adjusts and stays on top though.

Ramos trying to scramble again, but unable to do much against the wrestler. Ramos starting to punch from his back, but that’s not going to do much at this stage of the fight.

Final seconds and Makhachev backs away and Ramos gets back to his feet trying a capoeira kick that doesn’t threaten his opponent.


No doubt about the winner here with Makhachev being the more active of the two and making his impression felt in the final five minutes on his way to a unanimous decision victory (29-27, 30-26 x2).

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