Jairzinho Rosenstruik KO’s Alistair Overeem With 4 Seconds Left At UFC On ESPN 7

Jairzinho Rosenstruik left it incredibly late to knockout Alistair Overeem tonight in the main event of UFC On ESPN 7, and completely wrecked his opponent’s lip in the process.

Round One:

The heavyweight main event of the evening is underway in Washington after Overeem was less than impressed with Rosenstruik for not touching his gloves in the center of the Octagon.

leg kick for Rosenstruik. Another one for him. He goes to it again and Overeem tries to grab his leg but can’t secure it.

Left hand gets through for Overeem. Rosenstruik picks out a jab through Overeem’s defensive guard.

Leg kick for Rosenstruik. Overeem tries for a takedown, Rosenstruik initially stuffs it, but the Dutchman readjusts and slams him to the mat with style.

Half guard for Overeem now. He lands a punch with half the round remaining. Rosenstruik desparately hanging on trying to stifle his attacking options. Knee to the body from Overeem. Now an elbow to the face.

Rosenstruik looking to stand as he gets to one knee, but Overem latches onto his back. Rosenstruik struggling to get up and gets put on his back again.

Overeem in side control now with a minute left in the round. Still calm work from Overeem on top. He starts to land a few elbows to the head. 10 seconds and a few more elbows from Overeem, but not much urgency.

Round Two:

Rosenstruik a little more wary at the start of the second round here, perhaps mindful of another takedown attempt from his opponent.

Overeem steps in and clinches up against the cage. Knees exchanged in close. Rosenstruik reverses the position. Overeem trying for the takedown, but Rosenstruik keeps on his feet for now.

Rosenstruik with knees and a punch despite having his back against the cage. Overeem not doing much here and that results in the referee separating them.

Punch for Rosenstruik. Overeem tries a head kick that’s blocked. Leg kick for Rosenstruik. Overeem thinks about a takedown, but nothing doing and Rosenstruik throws a hard punch.

Hard left hand from Overeem, but Rosenstruik took it well. Now Rosenstruik comes forward and unleashes a solid three-piece combo.

Hard body kick for Overeem and a leg kick in response from Rosenstruik. Right hand from Rosenstruik and a body kick from Overeem again.

Round Three:

Punch for Rosenstruik. Overeem tries for the overhand left but not a clean connection. Overeem tries for a takedown but settles for a clinch opportunity against the cage instead.

Rosenstruik does well to shove Overeem off and get back to striking range. Olbique kick for Overeem. Nice left and right hand from Overeem.

A few probing punches from Rosenstruik. Knee attempt upstairs from him now. Hard body kick for Overeem and a solid leg kick in return.

Another good left hand for Overeem and again Rosenstruik takes it well. Overeem goes in for a takedown, but it’s somewhat telegraphed and he opts for the cage clinch instead.

However, Overeem waits for the right moment and then lands a slick takedown. In half-guard with a minute left Overeem is back to being very patient from this advantageous position.

Nice elbow for Overeem. A right hook lands. Two clubbing right hands and an elbow land. Overeem stands over Rosenstruik as the round comes a close.

Round Four:

Light left and a solid right hand for Overeem to start the fourth round. Jab for Rosenstruik. Left hand for Overeem.

Overeem continuing with his high guard as Rosenstruik probes with punches and a kick. Kick for Overeem.

Rosenstruik throws a flurry of strikes that back up Overeem, but he keeps his guard strong and that seems to detter Rosenstruik from continuing and he resets.

left hand for Overeem. Jab for him and a solid punch from Rosenstruik. Oblique kick for Overeem. Right hand for Rosenstruik.

Solid uppercut lands for Rosenstruik. Overeem backs up and Rosenstruik launches into a head kick. Overeem’s ok though.

Right hand connects for Rosenstruik. Left hand gets through for Overeem again. Another lands. He goes to it again, but wings it again and this time it misses wildly.

Leg kick for Overeem. Left hand for him and then in the final seconds of the round Rosenstruik working punches and a knee, but still struggling to get through his opponent’s guard cleanly.

Round Five:

Leg kick for Rosenstruik and then a clipping right hand. Oblique kick for Overeem. Overeem tries to get in on a takedown entry, but seems uncertain with it at times and it doesn’t pay off.

Left hand for Overeem. Another looping punch lands, but Rosenstruik continuing to show a strong chin and looks completely unphased. Overeem into the clinch, but doesn’t stay there long this time.

Elbow from Rosenstruik off Overeem’s guard. leg kick for Overeem. Clinch against the cage again from Overeem. The Reem goes for a takedown, seems to land it, but abandons it and they are back up again immediately.

Leg kick for Overeem. He misses with the winging left hand. Jab for Overeem. Now Rosenstruik coming forward with a few punches.

Oblique kick for Overeem. Light uppercut from Rosenstruik. Jumping knee from him but doesn’t land through the guard.

40 seconds remaining. Overeem tries to go for a takedown, but doesn’t get it. He staggers back a little looking tired.

There’s barely any time left but suddenly out of nowhere Rosenstruik uncorks a left hand and then follows it up with a winging right hand that lands hard and sends Overeem to the canvas against the cage!

Overeem shows real heart to stand back up and staggers a bit along the cage. There’s only four seconds of the fight remaining, but the ref decides the fight is over – Rosenstruik gets a huge last-gasp KO to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Overeem protests but his top lip is a disaster zone, it’s hanging off in a gruesome fashion from that thunderous right hand that ended his night. Real heartbreak for The Reem though given that he was so close to winning and was on his feet again when the fight was waved off.

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