Joe Stevenson Has A Good Night Against Spencer Fisher

Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson looked a rejuvenated fighter in his last victory over Nate Diaz after switching training camps to work with one of the top coaches in MMA, Greg Jackson. His return to form continued last night as he notched up a convincing win over Spencer ‘The King’ Fisher on the main card at UFC 104.

Despite his advantage on the ground Stevenson appeared happy to stand and trade with his opponent, just as Spencer Fisher would have hoped for. Things did not go according to plan for the “The King” however as Stevenson connects with a left hook in one of the opening exchanges that opens a cut over his right eye.

The cut is clearly a distraction for Fisher as he blinks rapidly and grimaces at times, but it’s still somewhat of a surprise that he is not able to put any significant pressure on his opponent despite being the better striker of the two.

When Stevenson does decide to try to take the fight to the ground Fisher does however show good takedown defense up against the cage. As the round draws to a close Joe ‘Daddy’ briefly gets the fight to the floor which confirms that this round is his.

In the second round Stevenson indulges in the stand-up for the first minute before finally planting Fisher on his back. Wasting no time he passes to half guard and delivers some good elbows and punches.

Things go from bad to worse for Fisher as Stevenson gains side control and traps one his arms. From there he is free to bring down some extremely vicious looking elbows to Fisher’s unprotected head.

Unable to defend himself the referee steps in on Fisher’s behalf and stops the fight. It’s another good result for Joe ‘Daddy’ who appears to be enjoying his recent visits to the octagon, while Spencer Fisher must be left feeling frustrated that he didn’t make more of the stand-up exchanges.

Final result: Joe Stevenson defeats Spencer Fisher by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2.


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