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Jorge Masvidal Predicts Tyron Woodley Will Beat Jake Paul

Given that Jorge Masvidal used to be training partners with Tyron Woodley and was also recently in the gym with YouTube superstar Jake Paul, the UFC star is well qualified to give his opinion on who will win their upcoming boxing match on August 29th.

“Not to diss Jake, but Woodley can throw them hands. Ben Askren never could,” Masvidal told Ariel Helwani on the newly re-launched MMA Hour show. “You’ve got a guy that can fight and sling fists when it’s time. Woodley could have made his money grappling, which he did. He was good enough of an athlete, and he was good enough of an athlete to make money with his hands, to knock people the f*** out.”

“I know Jake’s never been in there with a guy like that, that’s explosive, that’s a good athlete, and has a ton of experience over him. If Jake wins, f***ing wow. My hat’s off to him. I was wrong. I don’t know shit about fighting, right? But chances are Woodley’s going to knock him the f*** out.”

Prior to his fight with Ben Askren, Paul had came to train with Masvidal, but the UFC ace says he didn’t actually spar with him, though he did watch enough of him in action to get a sense of where he stacks up compared to the former UFC welterweight champion.

“We didn’t spar. I saw him hit the pads. I think I seen him lightly sparring with guys, and what I’ve seen from fights and footage that he has online when he’s going at 100, at 100 speed. That being said, I’ve also seen Woodley when he’s hitting pads, when he’s sparring at 100 and when he’s fighting at 100. And when I do the math, Woodley wins. As long as he did his part, which was train, was in the gym doing his thing, he’ll win. There’s just too much experience and athleticism on that side.

“I think Jake’s a good athlete, but Woodley’s a different type of athlete, that next, next level athlete compared to Jake. Jake’s going to feel it in the fight. I don’t think he’s ever even sparred with someone as athletic as Woodley, that can cover the distance that he can. If Woodley were to get tired or hurt, he can clinch him and there’s nothing Jake can do. The referee will break them up, but there’s four or five seconds. He’s going to manhandled in the clinch as well I feel like. I see Woodley winning.”

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