Justine Kish Sees Funny Side After Soiling Herself In The Octagon

Every fighers worst nightmare happened to Justine Kish at UFC Fight Night 112 in Oklahoma last night as not only did she lose, but she also evacuated her bowels live on national TV in the process.

In the closing stages of a fight that her opponent Felice Herrig was getting the better of, Kish found herself desperately attempting to fend off a rear-naked choke attempt.

As she had done all fight long, Kish somehow managed to explode out of the bad position, but as she did so it became apparent that there were now poop colored stains left behind on the Octagon mat.

That sent the internet into overdrive as everyone began debating if that was what they thought it was.

There have been suspicions over the years that other fighters may have done the same thing in the Octagon, but often it’s hard to say for sure.

Unfortunately for Kish, in her case the evidence was overhelming and in the end the 29-year-old decided to own up to what had happened, while showing a great sense of humor in the process.

“I am a warrior, and I will never quit haha be back soon,” Kish quipped on Twitter afterwards.

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