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Kenny Florian Lucky To Be Alive After Car Accident During UK Visit

Retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian has revealed that he’s lucky to be alive after being involved in a car accident during a visit to the UK this week.

“Almost got killed in a car accident on the highway in the U.K,” Florian wrote on Twitter. “Thankfully nobody was injured. A massive truck almost got our tiny car trapped underneath it. We swerved and got struck by a large van. Our driver named Paul Walker saved our lives. Every day is a gift.”

The 43-year-old went on to describe what happened in more detail to

“We almost got trapped between the tires under an 18 wheeler. Paul was able to swerve away from the truck that was merging into our lane. He had to swerve out of the way but we got swiped by a large van to our right in the other lane. Somehow he was able to remain in control of the car and not get turned around on a busy highway. So basically we almost got crushed twice.”

“Thankfully everyone is safe with no injuries. Myself, Paul (driver) and my U.K. host, Dan, were on our way to teach a seminar in Plymouth England.”

Florian retired from the sport in 2011 but went on to become an analyst and color-commentator for the UFC on FOX, while continuing to run his own BJJ school and also serves as the color commentator on the Battlebots show.

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