Krzysztof Jotko Defeats Alen Amedovski By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 149

Krzysztof Jotko grinded his way out of a three-fight losing streak at UFC Fight night 149 tonight with a unanimous decision victory against Alen Amedovski.

Round One:

early kick to the body from Jotko. Now a missed leg kick and coming up short with a couple of other kicks as he looks to find his range.

He lands a leg kick and only narrowly misses a counter punch in the process. Right hook for Jotko as Amedovski moves in.

Push kick for for Jotko, but stumbles afterwards and then looks to make up for that by transitioning to a takedown and he gets it.

Amedovski giving up his back here and Jotko takes it and looks for a rear-naked choke. Nice reversal from Amedovski though and he lands some hard elbow strikes immediately, then opts to stand and take this fight back to striking range.

Spinning elbow strike from Jotko stops Amedovski in his tracks for a moment. Amedovski lands a punch as Jotko steps in. Jotko ok though and then lands another takedown.

Jotko in side control here, but it’s not long before Amedovski brings him back to half-guard. Jotko not being too busy offensively here, but controlling position until the final 10 seconds when he does posture up and land a few strikes.

Round Two:

Jotko unleashes with a straight left but just misses. Solid jab for Amedovski. Head kick attempt from Jotko blocked. Nice takedown from Jotko and lands in side control.

Again Jotko opts for control over damage here as he stifles Amedovskia. Most of the round evaporating here without much in the way of action, but in the final minute Jotko does manage to get him in the crucifix position and lands repeated punches and elbows, which starts to bloody up his opponent, who is clearly uncomfortable, but isn’t able to escape until the bell sounds.

Round Three:

two left hands for Jotko. Amedovski trying to push the pace, but has to dodge a head kick from Jotko. Straight left for Jotko.

Jotko going for a takedown and has to work harder for it this time as Amedovski tries his best to stay upright, but ultimately ends up on his back.

Jotko happy to work from inside Amedovski’s guard for now. Short elbows for Jotko. Two minutes of the round remaining. Jotko moves to side control now. Amedovski trying to cage walk, but trapped uncomfortably.

Jotko landing repeated punches to the side of his head now. Again Jotko catches his opponent in the crucifix, but Amedovski escapes it again for now.

In the final seconds of the round Jotko stands back up and raises his arms in the air.


No debate about the winner, Jotko uses his wrestling to grind his way to a dominant unanimous decision victory (30-25, 30-26 x2).

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