Mark Wahlberg Reveals How He Wins Money On UFC Fights

Mark Wahlberg is a fan of the UFC and in a new interview with USA Today Sports to promote his upcoming movie, ‘The Gambler’ he revealed his top tip for winning money while watching the fights.

“I’m not that big when it comes to gambling unless I know I have a chance to win,” Wahlberg told the newspaper. “The thing that I used to bet on with my friends was repeats of the UFC fights, and I already knew the outcome. These guys that I’m working with don’t know the outcome. They say, ‘Oh, I like this guy with the blue shorts.’ I tell them no problem and to take the guy with the blue shorts (laughs). I’ll take Georges St- Pierre.”

Wahlberg has been watching the sport for years and was friends with Dana White back in the 90’s, long before he became the president of the UFC.



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