Max Frevola Defeats Luis Pena By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 161

Max Frevola got the nod in a close split decision win over Luis Pena tonight at UFC Fight Night 161.

Round One:

One-two and a leg kick for Frevola. He continues to wade in with offense here. Another body kick lands. Now a leg kick.

Low inside leg kick from Frevola. Push kick for Pena. Couple of missed punches from Frevloa against the lankier man, but does find success with leg kicks.

Body kick for Pena and eats a counter punch in return. Another punch for Frevola. Hard right hand swung by him.

Frevola with big right and left hook into a takedown, but Pena gets right back up.

Flying knee attempt from Pena. into the clinch and Frevola is working for a takedown and gets it. Pena working himself into an unusual position here. He’s not able to get a submission going from this but does transition looking for one before getting back up.

Pena into the clinch now and Frevola seems to be slowing down. Pena lands a few good strikes and Frevola look hurt, but does fire off a single hard counter.

Pena undeterred though and continues to apply striking pressure to end out the round.

Round Two:

Jab for Pena, leg kick for Frevola. Hard counter from Frevola. Flying knee from Pena and Frevola is rocked, but doesn’t go down.

Frevola with a takedown attempt now. Pena working on a kimura submission, but Frevola gets back upright.

Frevola back to swinging hard trying to keep Pena at range. Hard left hand for Pena. Pena lands a left, Frevola counters with a right.

Body kick from Frevola. Superman punch from him lands well. Punches and a kick behind it for Frevola.

Push kick from Pena. Head kick from Pena, but he loses balance. Frevloa tries for one of his own that doesn’t have the same impact.

Frevola in on single leg then transitions to the back. Pena going down looking for a kimura again.

It’s not going to work out for now though. However late in the round Pena is working on a guillotine choke and then transitions to full mount, but the end of the round comes before he can make good use out of it.

Round Three:

Body kick for Frevola. Clipping punch from him. Bit of a lull in the action. Body punch from Frevola. Counter lands for Frevola now.

Kick attempt upstairs from Pena. Now a jab. Kick for Pena but then a series of big punches from Frevola that snap back Pena’s head.

Jumping knee attempt from Pena. Right hand from Frevola knocks Pena to the mat off-balance, but he gets back up and is pressed into the cage by Frevola.

Hooks and a right hand from Frevola. Jab for Pena. Body punch from Frevola. Body kick for Fervola. Left hand counter for Fervola.

Pena unleashes a series of punches as he tries to get this round in his favour. Frevola working on a final takedown. He doesn’t get it but shows good work rate at this late stage in the fight.


Close fight then and also a close split decision verdict that comes in Frevola’s favour to earn a heard fought victory.

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