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Michael Bisping Reveals He Received Big Offer To Box Jake Paul

Retired UFC fighter Michael Bisping has revealed that he was offered a big payday to fight Jake Paul, but ultimately the match-up isn’t happening and the YouTuber is instead set to go up against another former champion Tyron Woodley on August 28th.

“I’m happy for him,” Bisping said of Woodley on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast. “I don’t know what he’s going to get paid, but I’ll tell you right now. I was offered $500,000 to fight Jake Paul, so I would assume it’s probably more since the fight’s happening. So good for him. He might go out there and might be getting $1 million, and I couldn’t be happier for Tyron, because he really deserves it.”

It seems that there’s no depths that Paul and his team won’t stoop too if they were willing to offer a fight with Bisping.

Not because Bisping is now 42, has been retired for three-and-a-half years and has had to have both of his knees replaced, but rather because on top of that he’s also blind in one eye as a result of his fight career and had to hang up his gloves after concerns that the sight in his other eye was also at risk.

Thankfully, even in retirement Bisping’s contract with the UFC likely would have prevented him from taking the fight anyway, and he’s now turned his focus to the upcoming match-up between Paul and Woodley, which he believes will at least be a much more competitive fight than the one against Ben Askren.

“This is a more interesting matchup, because before, everybody knew,” Bisping said. “Everybody didn’t know. Everybody f*cking kissed Ben Askren’s ass and said he was going to wipe the floor. There was one person that was smart enough, and I’m sorry to say, it was me. I knew it was going to happen. But Tyron Woodley, I still think…he could put on a fight.”

That’s a big exaggeration from Bisping since Dana White was actually one of the few people who actually went out on a limb and claimed Askren could beat Paul.

Still, even Bisping admits that he’s not sure who will win the Paul vs. Woodley fight.

“I don’t know! I don’t f*cking now, but I’ll tell you what, Logan Paul is fighting Floyd Mayweather this weekend,” he said. “I mean, what is going on in the world? Fair play to these brothers.”

“Tyron Woodley is going to put up a significantly better fight than Ben Askren did. That’s a fact.”

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