Take a look at what Miesha Tate has to say about her upcoming rematch with Ronda Rousey at UFC 168 next Saturday night.

“I’m actually very thankful to have Ronda as a rival, because I truly believe that if she wasn’t a part of my career that neither I nor women’s MMA would have come as far as it is. If she didn’t come on the scene with such a brash and bold attitude there’s a possibility that maybe we wouldn’t have gotten noticed, maybe we wouldn’t have got the notoriety. She was kind of that ‘something shiny’ you know, she gave people something to talk about.

“If I could go back, could I get rid of this bitter rival of mine – I wouldn’t do it.”

“I can’t wait to settle all this in the Octagon. I’m working so hard every single day. I want nothing more than to be the UFC champion. I’m trying really hard not to be getting emotionally invested, I’m going to look at Ronda Rousey as just the champion and another opponent, not someone that I hate.”

“She’s pretty cocky and pretty arrogant at this point and I think that a little slice of humble pie wouldn’t hurt her. Women’s MMA needs a new face. The most important thing to me is winning the belt. I would love to take some of that weight off of Ronda’s shoulders.”

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