Montana De La Rosa vs. Mayra Bueno Silva Ends In Majority Draw At UFC Fight Night 186

Montana De La Rosa and Mayra Bueno Silva fought to a majority draw tonight at UFC Fight Night 186.

Round One:

De La Rosa feels out with the jab and Silva lands a calf kick. Punches for De La Rosa. She lands a good right hand.

Silva attempts a body kick body De La Rosa caught it. They clinch briefly and then back to striking.

Into the clinch again and Silva lands a knee to the body. De La Rosa working for a takedown against the cage now. Silva puts her arm in for a potential guillotine.

Nevertheless, De La Rosa still works the takedown and is free of the guillotine threat. Silva gets back up, but De La Rosa stays clinched to her back as she looks to bring her back down.

Silva thinks about the kimura, but then turns into the clinch instead. De La Rosa working for a takedown again, but Silva grabbed the cage and stopped that, which leads to her being deducted a point. That’s a big moment.

Back to it they go. De La Rosa reaches down for a takedown again, but instead it’s Silva who lands a few heavy knees to the body and so De La Rosa backs out.

Overhand right from De La Rosa. Now a one-two from De La Rosa as Silva was coming into range. De La Rosa into the single leg takedown attempt against the cage now. Silva lands a couple of elbows to the head as she defends the takedown.

Silva with a big knee now as she gets some space and De La Rosa drives into a takedown again that doesn’t pay off.

Out to striking range now, but not for long as De La Rosa again bursts into a takedown attempt, but has to settle for clinching to the cage for now. Knees to the body in the final 10 seconds from Silva.

Round Two:

Jab for De La Rosa. Head kick partially lands for Silva. She tries again. Now a jab from Silva. De La Rosa attempting a takedown, but nothing doing.

It’s not long before De La Rosa attempts a takedown again, but Silva is strong in defending that and then ends up on top.

Silva stands over De La Rosa and eats an upkick. Silva moves into her guard. She stands again and drops down with a hard punch. Silva backs up a bit and De La Rosa stands.

Side kick to the chest from De La Rosa. Leg kick for Silva. Punches from Silva to keep De La Rosa at bay as she was going for a takedown.

A couple of light punches for De La Rosa. Silva throwing heavy. she misses with an uppercut attempt. Silva with the thai clinch and she lands elbows and knees.

De La Rosa walks her over to the cage and works for a takedown. Double leg is successful for her with over 90 seconds left in the round.

De La Rosa almost gets the back and then goes from half-guard to full mount instead. De La Rosa was trying for an arm triangle there but quickly gave up on it. She’s working from half-guard and sets up the triangle choke again, but Silva escapes it. Punches from De La Rosa to end the round.

Round Three

De La Rosa with jabs. Silva trying to get the thai clinch but then just unleashes a big head kick and then another behind it, but De La Rosa is ok.

Knees from Silva now. Back to striking range. Body kick from Silva. De La Rosa into the clinch against the cage. Punches and elbows from Silva as she defends this position.

De La Rosa has a high single here. Silva sinking in a guillotine choke, but gives up on it as De La Rosa works harder on the takedown.

De La Rosa bleeding now from a knee strike in the clinch, but gets a takedown. Silva back up and lands a head kick and more strikes behind it. De La Rosa hangs tough though and presses into the clinch.

Silva with elbows as De La Rosa continues to stay in the clinch. Punches to the body from De La Rosa. She lands a left hand. Elbows again from Silva.

Finally they get back to striking range. De La Rosa has swelling above her left eye. Kick for Silva, but De La Rosa then lands a takedown in the center of the Octagon. important for her. She lands some body-head punches from Silva’s guard. Silva landing some strikes too from her back as the round ends.


A close fight here then, with De La Rosa getting the better of the grappling, but Silva landed damaging strikes throughout, including good elbows and knees. There’s also the matter of Silva being deducted a point for a cage grab in the opening round, and that ultimately costs her the win as the judges verdict is a majority draw (28-27, 28-28 x2).

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