OSP Fights Again At Heavyweight But Wants No Part Of Francis Ngannou

Ovince Saint Preux will take on a short notice fight back up at heavyweight against Tanner Boser on Saturday night, but has admitted that he wants nothing to do with going up against current champion Francis Ngannou after having a sparring session with him.

“Seeing him in person, I’m like, that’s a big dude,” Saint Preux told the What the Heck podcast. “Then actually getting to train with him, and he’s like, ‘OK, little brother’ – boom.

“Why did he just make me feel like a little b*tch, like literally threw me? I’m like, cool. Pretty much, I know how to stay in my lane.”

On the other hand though, OSP thinks that he can match-up better with Boser, who isn’t as physically imposing as Ngannou and is coming off two losses in a row.

“Well, he’s not one of the bigger heavyweights,” Saint Preux said. “And I told myself I would entertain the heavyweight division if the opportunity presented itself.”

Strategically, OSP also feels comfortable with what he’s seen from Boser’s past performances.

“He does have good output for a heavyweight,” Saint Preux admitted. “But along with that output, cardio comes down tremendously. Watching him against Ilir [Latifi], I know I’ve got to watch out for certain things. He likes to kick. He’s got a heavy right hand. As long as I can watch out for those, I’ve been preparing myself for those types of fights, anyways.”

However, even if he does emerge victorious, it doesn’t sound like OSP is planning to stick around at heavyweight for long.

“I’m a numbers person. If you’re a heavyweight, if you throw 20 punches, at least five of them going to land. And it don’t take but one of them to put you out.”