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Paige VanZant Wants UFC Payrise After Claiming She Makes More Money In Instagram

Paige VanZant has made it clear in a new interview on ESPN that she wants a payrise in the UFC after stating that she makes far more money as things stand from her wildly popular Instagram account.

“I make way more money sitting at home, posting pictures on Instagram, than I do fighting,” PVZ, who has well over 2 million followers on the social media site, told ESPN. “With endorsement deals and everything I pull in from social media, I would actually be a a loss just taking a fight and focusing on that.”

“When I did my contract negotiation the last time, the talk was, ‘I can’t pay you more than a female champion.’ Okay, but why are comparing me to just women? All of us should be getting paid more in general.

“I want a significant pay raise, to be completely honest. I’ve just been extremely accomplished outside of the UFC, as well as inside of the UFC. Five wins in the UFC, four finishes, I’ve been main event twice, and I think someone with those accolades should be paid more.”

VanZant certainly does have a lot to offer and has proven she has star power, but it is also worth noting that she has lost two of her last three fights, though she is coming off a win over Rachael Ostovich in January of this year.

However, PVZ has also been plagued by injuries, including a broken arm that’s required surgery several times and is currently keeping her out of action again for an extended period.

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